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Contra Costa UC 4-H Enrollment Fee Survey 2023-24

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a

4-H youth member or a 4-H adult volunteer.

This survey is only intended for

4-H program annual enrollment fee payments

for participation  July 1, 2023 - June 30, 2024.



STOP - Before completing your enrollment payment ---- 

If you have not already, please update and submit your household's 4-H enrollment profile on 

Z Suite

(NEW enrollment system opening 8/15/23)

Were you previously enrolled in 4-H online?

Families that were active in 4-H online anytime from 2018 to 2023, will have the same login email for ZSuite, but will need to click "Forgot Password" and reset the password. The link is on the system login page. ZSuite **DO NOT** create a new profile if you have been enrolled at any time prior to July 2023.

New Members (never enrolled in 4-H)

New families will create a new household profile in the ZSuite system.


Enrollment Fee Payment Instructions
1) Use this survey to indicate your method of enrollment fee payment.

  • Option#1 - Online payment using this survey to pay by credit card.
  • Option #2 - Financial Waivers see information in payment section below.

If you have a pre-approved club sponsorship, complete the payment through this payment survey & apply for reimbursement through your club's treasurer. Save the paid receipt you will receive by email and attach it to this reimbursement form to provide directly to your club's treasurer.


What is the Cost?

To enroll in the 4-H program, youth pay $150., Adult Volunteers pay $30. (includes accident and illness insurance) Enrollment fees are charged annually and cover one 4-H program year (July 1 - June 30). Fees are not pro-rated for partial year enrollment. 

*members and volunteers made active between July 1 - June 30 of a 4-H program year are eligible to participate through December 31. All members and volunteers are required to re-enroll prior to December 1 to continue their participation after Jan 1 of the new year.

Clubs and/or projects may collect additional fees from families or youth to cover the costs of project materials and 4-H events. 

UC 4-H programs are open to participants, regardless of their ability to pay. Program Enrollment fees will be waived or reduced for eligible youth. To request a "Fee Waiver" please indicate your need below.

More questions? 
Contact the 4-H Youth Development Program Office, 

University of California Cooperative Extension, Contra Costa County 


Payor Information

Primary 4-H Club Membership Information: The same "primary" club (unit) should be selected in ZSuite.




In your household, are there adult volunteers enrolling for the 2023-2024 program year?


*Volunteer enrollment is not required for your child to participate.

Returning Adult Volunteer Requirements

NEWLY enrolling Adult Volunteer Requirements

Payments made for 4-H enrollment are non-refundable.

Payments made in error may be refundable if the 4-H office is contacted within 7 days of the payment error.

Payment Option #1

All 4-H enrollment fees are to paid in full by credit card.

Please indicate the number of youth members and

4-H Adult Volunteers you are paying for in this section.

Do not complete option #2 


Payment Option #2 

Do not complete this section if you have paid in section #1

Application for a need based youth fee waiver, or a partial youth fee waiver,

please complete ONLY option #2, A & B below.


Provisions will be made by the 4-H club/unit or county council to cover program fees for eligible youth who are unable to pay them. 

The parent/guardian of an eligible youth for which a program fee waiver or reduction is requested attests

that the child(ren) included in this request are eligible.

To determine eligibility for a waiver or reduction of the program fee: 

  • The annual household cash income at or below $50,560.

FAQ about fee waivers

UC reserves the right to verify the above information by further reviewing the household financial status with the parent/guardian.

If you have additional circumstances you wish to have considered, please email Brenda Vales,

Need based fee waivers are offered to youth only.

On the next screen, you will begin the process for entering your credit card information.

If you have not entered any enrollment payments, the next page will show zero.

If you are having trouble with credit card processing, please view this Credit Card Processing Help Guide.

Activation of youth enrollments may take up to 48 hours (not including weekends). 

Note: Returning adult enrollments are made active when the required Campus Extension training is completed.

Additionally, for new volunteers, enrollment becomes active after all enrollment steps are completed and the Live Scan has been cleared by DOJ and approved by the UCCE County Director.