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New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) Animals and their Agri/food/feed products


The overall intended objective of this survey is to identify near-market (i.e. under research/development) farmed NGT-derived animals and their agri/food/feed products globally for a report being prepared for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). 

New Genomic Techniques (NGTs) are defined as methods or methodologies "capable of altering the genetic material of an organism" - and "New" is further defined as having been developed after April 2001. 

Definitions for “agri/food/feed products”:

  • Food/feed products are obtained from NGT animals that are farmed for food/feed uses, e.g.:
    • meat or milk from mammals (e.g. ruminants, pigs, horses)
    • meat or eggs from birds (e.g. broilers, laying hens, turkeys, quails and other fowls)
    • meat or eggs from fishes and or invertebrates (e.g. marine/freshwater aquaculture)
    • meal or honey from insects (e.g. black soldier fly, honey bee)
  • Agri products are obtained from NGT animals that are farmed, but not for food/feed uses, e.g.:
    • fur animals (e.g. mink)
    • ornamental fishes
    • sericulture (e.g. silkworms)
    • insect frass

Please fill out the survey for each NGT animal/trait combination. Results will be made publicly available in the EFSA report.