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2023 UCCE Irrigation and Nutrient Management Meeting

DAY/DATE:   Tuesday, February 21
  7:55 am  to 12:15 pm

 Agriculture Conference room, 1432 Abbott St Salinas CA

Free Workshop + Pizza

7:55         Introduction

8:00         Tuning up your drip irrigation system: pressure regulation, system design, and scheduling.

Michael Cahn, UCCE Irrigation Advisor, Monterey County

8:30         Basics of pumps, pump tests, and variable frequency drives      

Bill Green, Education Specialist, Center for Irrigation Technology, CSU Fresno

9:05         Practices for improving soil health and its broader impacts        

Richard Smith, UCCE Weed and Vegetable Advisor, Monterey County

9:35         How to Maximize Cover Crop Benefits and Credits in Ag Order 4.0 and Beyond.

Eric Brennan, Research Horticulturist, USDA ARS

10:05       Break

10:20       Strategies for factoring in nitrate in irrigation water in nutrient management plans

Michael Cahn, UCCE Irrigation Advisor, Monterey County

10:40       Status of the Third Party Program for Ag Order 4.0

                Sarah Lopez, Executive Director, Central Coast Water Quality Preservation Inc.

11:00       Getting organized for AgOrder 4.0 reporting 

Jillian Flavin and Caroline Webster, Environmental Scientists, Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board

11:30       On Farm Experiences: Improving irrigation and Nutrient Management (Grower Round Table Panel)  Karen Lowell USDA-NRCS Moderator (Mark Mason, Huntington Farms, Sergio Casillas, D’Arrigo Bro., Salvador Montes Christensen and Giannini, Eric Morgan, Braga Fresh)

12:15        Adjourn (free Pizza Lunch)

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