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2022 4-H Summer Science Academy


2022 4-H Summer Science Academy

The 4-H Summer Science Academy will include two separate weeks of fun hands-on and heads-on programs. If you have multiple youth to sign up in your family, you will need to complete this each time. We accept cash, check, and credit card payments. 

The Photography and Visual Arts session will cost $30.00 for the five mornings while the History Detectives session is $50 (this includes lunch). New 4-H members will also have a 4-H insurance and enrollment fee of $30.00 to cover the academy. This fee can be used towards the annual 4-H membership of $65.00 if you decide to expand your participation in other 4-H activities, clubs, or camps.


Photography and the Visual Arts: 8-13 


This session is being offered to youth ages 8 to 13 with a limit of 25 youth. When: July 11-15, 2022. 

Where: Merced County UC Cooperative Extension Classroom, 2145 Wardrobe Ave, Merced Time: 8:15-Noon, Daily. 


History Detectives 


Explore historical archives; learn how to digitize and preserve historic materials; examine and analyze documents and photographs; learn and explore oral history; and explore careers that involve all these techniques! Additionally, participants will create exhibits that can be displayed at the UC Merced Library in the digital showcase and on social media! Additionally we will be having a campus tour, eating in the campus dining hall, and having fun outdoor activities as well.

This week is specifically geared towards older youth, 8th-12th grade with a maximum of 20 participants. 

When: July 18-22, 2022 Where: UC Merced Library Time: M-Th 9 AM to 3 PM and Fri 9 AM to Noon.


The fee to attend the Photography and Visual Arts session is $30. The fee to attend the History Detectives session is $50. If you are not enrolled in 4-H yet, there is an additional $30 fee. There is a 4% processing fee added to all transactions.

The enrollment fee will be credited towards the annual fee of $65.00 if your child decides to expand their participation in other 4-H activities, camps or clubs during this upcoming 4-H year.