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UCCE San Bernardino County Master Gardener Class Application: "Trees for Tomorrow" Project


We are recruiting a special cohort of University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) San Bernardino County Master Gardener volunteers who will be volunteering on a specific project: "Trees for Tomorrow Start Today." If you are interested in helping communities throughout the county enhance  tree canopy cover in underserved communities by providing advice on proper tree planting and care, this special opportunity may be for you!  Interested adults age 18 and older who reside in San Bernardino County are encouraged to apply. 

Why volunteer for this project?  We are facing unprecedented times due to climate change and urban heat islands increasing temperatures in our communities. One of the solutions to a "cooler, greener, tomorrow" is through tree planting and proper long-term tree care. 

Why Trees? Shade produced by a single tree can reduce surface temperatures of asphalt and other impervious surfaces by up to 65 degrees F.  Trees also lower air temperatures; enhance pollinator and wildlife habitat; absorb pollutants; reduce energy use and related costs (homes, offices, vehicles); beautify neighborhoods; absorb and store carbon dioxide; and provide many other ecosystem and societal benefits. You can make a difference like never before enhancing tree canopy cover in our neighborhoods. 

Please note that, before you can volunteer, you must complete a 50-hour online training course taught by UC and other subject-matter experts on this topic and others (including drought tolerant landscaping, pest management, and growing food in home, school, and community gardens) included in our traditional 50-hour UCCE Master Gardener training class.

Important dates:

Aug 31, 2022: Deadline to apply

September 9, 2022: Deadline to pay $150 class fee (online), purchase the UC Master Gardener handbook (not included in tuition: $28-$40 online)

September 23, 2022: Complete a background check (not included in tuition: $25-$40)

December 31, 2022: Final date to complete on-line course requirements (quizzes for all modules, complete a midterm and final exam, and a class presentation online or in-person).  

June 30, 2024: Final date to complete your required 50 volunteer hours on the specific project: "Trees for Tomorrow Start Today: Enhancing Tree Canopy Cover in Underserved Communities."

UCCE will ensure the health and safety of accepted applicants and the public served through the program by requiring physical distancing and other precautions as necessitated by COVID-19 and/or other public health conditions throughout the training and volunteer period, including returning to all on-line formats if necessary. 

What is the Master Gardener Program?  

The UCCE Master Gardener program provides 50-hours of training on a wide array of home horticulture topics to adults (18 years and older) accepted into the program who agree to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours over a one year period through activities promoting sustainable landscaping; developing backyard, community and school gardens; and, increasing the health and vitality of communities. Have questions? Contact Janet Hartin at Note: This application cycle is to specifically recruit volunteers interested in enhancing tree canopies in underserved communities.