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2021-2022 UC ANR COVID-19 Safety Training Survey for 4-H Volunteers - Kings County


UC ANR Risk & Safety Services         

Kings County 4-H Youth Development Program 

2021-2022 Adult Volutneer REQUIRED Safety Training for COVID-19 

In order to serve as a Kings County 4-H Youth Development Program volunteer for the 2021-2022 4-H YDP year, you must complete this training survey to ensure that you are aware of and will follow the COVID-19 guidelines.  Please contact the Kings County 4-H Office at (559) 852-2743 or e-mail with any questions.

*Decisions to allow 4-H in-person meetings are at the discretion of the UCCE County Director with direction from the County Public Health Officer. Any unauthorized in- person activities will not be covered by UC insurance and may not be included in 4-H record books. Corrective actions will be taken if 4-H volunteers or families host or participate in any unauthorized in-person 4-H activities.


UC ANR 4-H COVID-19 updates are housed on the State 4-H website at: 

It is the responsibility of each 4-H Adult Volunteer to consult this page regularly (prior to each meeting/event they host) to ensure that they are following the most up-to-date COVID-19 information and guidance for all 4-H in-person meetings and events.

The UC ANR safety standards relating to reopening and engaging in-person are aligned with the State of California.

As a 4-H Adult Volunteer, you are required to utilize the Planning Resources for In-person Activities for all of your 4-H meetings/events during COVID-19.

All of the following information can be found on the State 4-H website on the Planning In-Person 4-H Events during COVID page.  Please refer to this page often, as any required changes will be made to documents and/or procedures found on this page.

The Basic Safety Standards guidelines apply to ALL in-person 4-H meetings and events.  Be sure that the current Face Mask Use policy is being followed and that the appropriate Face Mask Use signage is posted at the entrance to the meeting/event and communicated with participants prior to the meeting/event.  Social distancing guidelines must be followed.  Don't forget to maintain hygene practices.

The 4-H Safety Protocol Checklist (Aug 2021) should be completed by 4-H Adult Volunteers two weeks prior to hosting an in-person meeting. This checklist helps to prepare and meet requirements for in-person 4-H programming and activities.

The Planning Stategies for In-person Meetings (Aug 2021) document gives meeting planners tips and ideas to use when planning in-person meetings.

The In-person 4-H Meetings during COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions document will provide you with guidance on how to handle some of the most common questions and situations that may arise.

Strategies to reduce in-person meeting size have been created to help reduce the number of people present at 4-H meetings/events so that COVID-19 exposure can be minimized and to help families feel more comfortable participating in 4-H meetings/events. 

As the meeting leader, you must download and print the following meeting resource items:

1.  Symption Survey - should be displayed at the entrance to the meeting. 

2.  Attendance Log

3.  Procedures for 4-H Meetings duing COVID-19 (Aug 2021) - Display poster in the meeting.

4.  Face mask signage (as appropriate): Masks required for all persons -or- Masks required for unvaccinated persons

You are REQUIRED to complete the QUIZ by answering "yes" to all questions.  If you fail to agree to any items, you will NOT be able to conduct in-person 4-H meetings/events during COVID-19 and your 4-H adult volunteer appointment will be limited.