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Food System Resiliency Webinar information 2020


Thank you for participating in the webinar series on Food System Resiliency.  We appreciate your efforts to help pull together and share information. This serves to improve core competencies for those within ANR and our community partners.  This series serves ANR Professionals and collaborating partners to:

  • uplift core competencies within ANR and community partners
  • provide a framework to introduce existing information already available to assist people. These resource kits serve for internal outreach, with the thought we can also push them out to the public or at least to other food/ag educators. 
  • engage people from different parts of UC ANR to give them more information to use in their program delivery
  • encourage each panel to include activities for participants in statewide programs when appropriate (youth STEM, master gardener, master food preserver, etc.)

Webinar Format:

  • 7 minutes: a brief introduction to the panel topic and introduction of the moderator and panelists 
  • 20 minutes: shared time for all members of the panel to discuss and share 
  • 2 minutes: panel wrap-up  
  • 20 minutes: participant Q and A with the panelists 
  • 10 minutes: technology buffer