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PART I: Emerald Star Entrance Application Form


The Emerald Star Program is sponsored by the San Mateo County 4-H Council and the 4-H County Office. The program gives the 4-H members an exciting opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity beyond the local club level and enter a new phase of leadership as they serve their club, county and community. To earn an Emerald Star, members plan and complete a multi-club, countywide, or multi-county project or event to further develop and expand the 4-H program.


  • Applicant must be a member in good standing who has completed two years of 4-H prior to the year of application. Membership does not have to be consecutive years.
  • Applicant must be at least 13 years of age by December 31 of the current 4-H year.
  • Demonstrate leadership experience and skills - a past or present officer position for a club (i.e., president, vice president, treasurer, secretary); past or present Junior/Teen Leader role(s).
  • Demonstrate participation in community service projects.


  1. Develop an Emerald Star Plan of action for the proposed service learning project/activity to be completed during the 4-H program year – some projects may be planned over several years. Your plan can be something that has been done before and needs to be done again or it can be something that no one has ever done but fills a need in the 4-H program or community. Service Learning resources:
  2. Select an adult coach who is not a family member. Adult coach must be an enrolled and approved 4-H adult volunteer.
  3. Submit this Part I: entrance application form with your plan and budget no later than 11:59 PM by Oct 1, Jan 1 or May 1.
  4. Submit your exit application (add link) form when you have completed your Emerald Star project.
  5. Present out completed project to County Council.

Items to Consider for the Emerald Star Plans:

The important factors to consider in deciding what to do for an Emerald Star Plan are:

  1. Is it something useful, something that is needed?
  2. Does it provide a chance for you to learn leadership beyond the project level in your own club?
  3. Is it something you can handle – areas, cost, time, skills you have or can acquire?
  4. Do you have the necessary support?
  5. Can it be completed in a feasible time?

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Applicant's Information

Emerald Star projects must demonstrate the member’s leadership ability, the ability to work with others, and the ability to plan and conduct a successful program of work.
If submitting a team application, Section I must be completed individually and Section II can be completed as a team.

Section I

Section II

REQUIRED: Plan of Action/Timeline: Complete Exhibit A and upload file at the bottom of the application.*

Download Exhibit A - Plan template:

REQUIRED: Financing and Resources: Complete Exhibit B for tentative budget, including the source of funding and list of anticipated expenses. Upload file at the end of the application.*

Download Exhibit B - Budget:

Electronic Signatures

Upload your Exhibit A - Plan and Exhibit B - Budget files