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Program Teams - Themes to connect


Program Teams

  • help people within and beyond UC ANR Network, Share and Learn.
  • bring people together who are working on distinct though related topics.

Themes should be reviewed now and then to ensure they capture the important work needed and bing implemented. 

This survey is looking at the current 21 Program Teams. A recent survey found that 1) 4 PTs were inactive, 2) a few might merge, 3) some might change their names to better represent the work, and 4) perhaps 1 or 2 new cross cutting PT might be needed (e.g., Fire?).


  1. Goals of PTs. What's important? PTs should help people
    1. connect to share, network and learn (we want related but distinct themes. pests have shown that with the right focus you can manage a large group?),
    2. connect effectively at a level above Workgroups,
    3. see where they fit - i.e., consistent with key major issues - as currently expressed through the Crystal ball paper elements, and the SI Focal Areas and Grand Challenges.
  2. Flexibility. We should see these groupings as something that can/should be revisited as needed (every 5 years?) (and not something written in stone).
  3. Efficiency & Fairness. We want an efficient and fair system so that people can provide input while not spending large amounts of time and effort trying to identify themes - just to end up frustrated should a proposed PT not advance.
  4. Target number. This seems to be about being realistic about resources. Thus, I'd say same (or preferably fewer) PTs. What to avoid. We do not want this to blow out as a way for people to define subgroups that can meet.


Use a survey to collect input - key questions to ensure a logic in the selection and a consistency with the above. It should not be just a popularity "most votes wins" exercise.


SI leaders and VP Strategic Initiatives and Statewide Programs


Focus, Function and Fit - You need only respond to areas you consider relevant to your work

Considerable input has been received on the current Program Teams.

The summary below shows apparent gaps, general PT-SI affiliation and general PT status (if inactive).

Cross-Cutting Program Teams

Pests - Endemic & Invasive Pests (SI Leader Jim Farrar)

  • Pest Management
  • A number of other Program Teams (especially in SFS interact with EIPD)

Sustainable Food Systems (SI Leader Deanne Meyer)

Sustainable Natural Ecosystems (SI Leader David Lile)

Water Quantity & Quality (SI Leader David Lewis)

  • Water Resources Represent Ag, urban and Environmental flows
  • How best represent drinking water & resources?
  • A number of other Program Teams (e.g., in SFS and HFC interact with water)

Inactive Program Teams (or work covered elsewhere)

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