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4-H PLWG: Access, Equity and Belonging Committee Champion Chair Application


Committee Purpose: To support the 4-H System to reach its National 4-H Grows: A Promise to America’s Kids Vision: In 2025, 4-H will reflect the population demographics, vulnerable populations, diverse needs and social conditions of the country. This vision has the elements of inclusion, caring adults, serving at minimum 1 in 5 youth, and the volunteers and staff reflect the diversity of the population. This Committee aims to increase the capacity of 4-H and the Cooperative Extension System to meet this opportunity and to create a more inclusive organizational culture.


The Access, Equity and Belonging Committee is composed of the following Champion Groups:

  • Incarcerated Youth
  • Immigrant and Refugee Youth
  • LGBTQ + Youth / Community
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Youth Experiencing Homelessness
  • Youth in Foster Care
  • Youth with Disabilities
  • Youth Living in Poverty
  • Racial and Ethnic Youth:
    • African American Youth
    • Asian / Pacific Islander Youth
    • Latinx Youth (Latino Advisory Committee)
    • American Indian/ Alaska Native   

Champion Chair Position Description

A Champion Chair is someone who has work experience, skills and passion in relation to the specific population for which they have identified. Additionally, they have published, developed programs and/or conducted research with and for the specific population. 

Champion Groups are composed of researchers, faculty and practitioners with the Land-grant System and from other institutions who are developing and identifying research-based resources to support the Extension System in their work with the identified populations. 


  • With the support of and in with champion group members  schedule periodic meet AEBC's  goals. 
  • Develop meeting agendas with input from sub-committee members 
  • Officiate and conduct meetings 
  • Provide leadership and ensure  sub-committee members  are aware of their obligations to completes tasks in between meetings 
  • Ensure that discussion on agenda items is on topic, productive and inclusive
  • Solicit a note taker and ensure notes are complete and accurate. Identify next steps and agenda items for next meeting. 
  • Communicate with AEBC Chairs to facilitate intersection and collaboration 
  • Attend quarterly leadership team meetings with AEBC 

Champion Chair Tasks: 

  • Highlight national internal and external demographics, trends, assets and gaps in serving marginalized populations 
  • Take stock of and share internal and external promising practices 
  • Provide replicable resources and professional development to youth development professionals that increase awareness, knowledge and skills that translate to action 
  • Articulate the value of work around access, equity, and opportunity in connection to the 4-H mission 
  • Advocate internally and externally in support of marginalized audiences  
  • Contribute to create an inclusive organizational culture and increase the system-level capacity of 4-H and the Cooperative Extension system to meet the national 4-H strategic goals of access, equity, and opportunity 

 Term Commitment: 2 years with the option of renewal.