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Website Redesign Feedback - UC ANR


Please use the following short survey to provide valuable feedback on the web redesign effort. If you would like to review the designs, you can access them here:


Password: ucanr


Password: ucanr


Password: ucanr

To view the page designs, please scroll within the mobile window. Also, to move to the next page, you'll need to look very carefully to see the left/ right arrows about an inch away from the edge of the design. Please submit your feedback by Friday, December 1, 2017, so we may review it before moving to the final design phase.

Rate the following:

Extremely Effective Very Effective Moderately Effective Slightly Effective Not at All Effective
The visual design clearly and consistently integrates the UC ANR brand
The visual design reflects trust, innovation, authority, and relationships with people
The top navigation is easy to understand and use