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Collaborative Facilitation and Group Process - Interest Survey


Collaborative Facilitation

You have participated in many meetings. You’ve observed that some are successful, decisions are made, and action items are delegated. Other meetings have seemed pointless. Still others go on and on with no decision making. Worse are contentious meetings where bridges are burned. If you are ready to run successful meetings consider participating in the Collaborative Facilitation and Group Process Tools Workshop. It is open to all UC ANR academic and staff employees, including Statewide Program volunteers.

Collaborations and group processes are complex, dynamic and unpredictable. Successful processes are based on shared understanding and learning, and work towards common goals. However, we know that this doesn’t always happen. Then what?

Collaborative facilitation and group process tools support success, allowing everyone to feel heard and to contribute. Whether you have a lead facilitator role or are a group participant, join us in learning appropriate and applicable facilitation tools to use before, during and after your meetings.