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HHf Role Modeling


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Theresa is a stay at home mom to three children. She spends her days busily taking care of activities, food, the house, and the children. By the end of the day, she is exhausted. Her children participate in soccer at the YMCA, have outings to the park every weekend to play with friends, and walk to and from school. She has noticed lately that her kids are less excited about participating in these activities. They complain that they would rather watch TV or play video games. That there is nothing else fun to do at home.

When you discuss role modeling in your class, you see a flash of realization occur to her. Perhaps there is another way to encourage her children to be active. She really does not like to move, and relaxes by watching TV. But, she asks you for some suggestions on ways to role model a more active life. What might be some of your suggestions?