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Sierra Nevada Adaptive Management draft report comments survey form


Thank you for reviewing a draft document from SNAMP. Please fill out a separate survey for each document you review. You are welcome to add additional comments later about the same document if you have additional thoughts. Providing your name and contact information is optional. We will not be responding to people about their comments on an individual basis though we will provide all comments received by July 24th, 2015 to project scientists for their consideration. We will also include a summary of public comments in the project final report as a separate appendix.

Below are multiple choice and open ended questions you may use to submit comments on the document. Open ended answer boxes accept up to 1 million characters. We are also accepting detailed comments in Microsoft Word or PDF format. These may be emailed to Susie Kocher,

Next, please tell us how much you agree or disagree with the following statements.


Additional information requested.


We also welcome more detailed letters or annotated comments. Please email any additional comments to

Thank you for your feedback.