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Sonoma County 4-H Camp Staffer Application for camp 2023


Sonoma County 4-H Camp Staffer Application 2023

DUE DATE: Everything must be completed by March 27, 2023. 

Staffer Application Important Dates

  • Registration Night is on February 27.  You and a parent or guardian must attend. If you have a conflict due to work or school or other 4-H activities, you must call your camp coordinator to have a conversation about your situation, before the meeting. Text and email and phone messages are not acceptable in this case. The phone numbers for your coordinators are in the email.

Camp Meeting Dates

Meetings are going to be in person at the Youth Ag & Leadership Foundation in Rohnert Park on the 4TH Monday of each month, February through June.


Staff Training Event: 

  •  April 14-16
  •  Possible single day in June

Camp Dates:  

  • Camp 1  July 09-July 15
  • Camp 2  July 16- July 22

To be on CAMP STAFF you must:                          

  • Be an 8th grade graduate by June 2023.                       
  • Have attended 4-H Camp at least once.
  • Attend monthly Camp Planning Meetings.
  • Attend the Staff Training event.
  • Attend the entire Camp session.
  • You may only attend 1 camp session

To be a CAMP DIRECTOR you must:

  • Meet all requirements for CAMP STAFF. 
  • Be 16 years old by June 1, 2023.
  • Director applicants will participate in an individual interview.


  • Camp payment for staffers will be $250.00
  • +$63.00-4-H Enrollment Fee for youth ONLY enrolled in the Sonoma 4-H Camp Unit (and not enrolled in another 4-H Club) Must have this to attend the camp planning  meetings.

FEE COVERS:         

  • $63.00 fee covers the leadership training portion (project part) of the program.  This is the fee charged by the state to join 4-H.  If you are already enrolled in 4-H for the year you don't have to pay this again. 

Staffer camp fees: $250.00

  • One staff training event
  • One week of summer camp

Staff Application Instructions

  1. Online 4-H Enrollment (which means enrolling your youth as a teen leader in Sonoma 4-H camp units) and making payment for that 4-H enrollment ($63.00) or check made out to UC Regents to the office.
  2. Online Staff Application below (including a photo attached).


Contact,  the 4-H Office at (707)565-2681 

Sonoma County 4-H camp Application



Staff Positions: Please check the requirements for each job.  If you don't choose three jobs you will be assigned a job by the directors. 

Camp Rules

Code of Conduct

Staffer/Parent Expectations


$250.00 required charge

Upload Photo of Staffer


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