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Part I: ANR Communicators Series


UC ANR Communicator Series:
Part 1 Communication Planning for Success

The goal of our work is to positively impact communities. Facilitating such change in part, requires good communication skills. Building such communication competency means sharpening skills in several topic areas such as verbal and written communication, application of technology, educational programming, and interpersonal skills.

Be one of the first. UC ANR Learning & Development is starting its first Certificate Cohort with a focus on communication. Join in to earn Part I of the “Mastering Communication” and “Building Success” Series. Be one of the first to attend three  1-hour sessions spread over 6 weeks.

What’s required? Do the online presentation and quiz for each of the three modules. Develop a brief capstone for each session and participate in a 1-hour learning session to share capstone ideas, receive feedback on yours and provide feedback to others.

Audience: All hoping to improve their educational communication skills