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2021-2022 Solano County 4-H Program Fee Scholarship Request


2021-2022 Solano County 4-H Program Fee Scholarship Request

Provisions will be made by the Solano County 4-H Leaders Council to off-set 4-H Program Fees for eligible youth who are unable to pay them.  Scholarship funds available are dependent upon Leaders Council finances.  The parent/guardian of an eligible youth for which a Solano County 4-H Program Fee Scholarship is requested, must complete and sign this form.

Please click here to verify eligibility.

For the 2021-2022 Program Year, the family & friends of Elva & Everett Whiting have generously donated funds in memory of Elva & Everett.  Their donation will reduce all youth program fees by $20.

Additionally, all clubs have budgeted funds to support full program fees ($30) for adult volunteers.  Some Clubs have budgeted for partial program fees (varies by club) for youth program fees.

If your club does not support partial program fees, they will offer club program fee scholarships.


To receive these discounts, youth and adults must complete ALL enrollment requirements no later than October 31, by midnight.

If your youth needs additional program fee scholarship support, please complete this survey to verify eligibility.

After you have completed the Program Fee Scholarship Request, you will be notified by email of the scholarship amount.


UC reserves the right to verify the above information by further reviewing the household financial status with the parent/guardian.