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4-H All Star/County Ambassador Application


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If you have questions, please contact the All Star/County Ambassador team at

The 5 items below constitute your All Star/County Ambassador Application and must be submitted online by 10:00 pm on April 1st. Late or incomplete applications may not be accepted.

Please be prepared to upload your essay questions, autobiographical story, resume and documentation of leadership skills.

  1. Three references (give the people you have chosen this link to complete the letter of recommendation
  2. Two essay questions
  3. Autobiographical (or My 4-H) Story
  4. Resume
  5. Documentation that the Applicant has demonstrated Leadership experience and skills.
    This can be met by either
  • Star Rank Page of PDR, recently reviewed, approved, signed and dated by Club Leader OR
  • Documentation of Alternate Requirements*

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Application Requirements: Please verify that the following are true


* Minimum Alternate Requirements
a) Mastery of a project as demonstrated by at least 6 hours of instruction, documented by a statement of skills
b) 40 hours of significant leadership roles, either inside or outside of 4-H, with at least 10 hours of leadership contributed to 4-H
c) 30 hours of citizenship and/or community service, either inside or outside of 4-H, with at least 6 hours through 4-H
d) 10 public speaking engagements, at least 2 of which must have been given at a 4-H event
e) Demonstrate involvement in 4-H as evidenced by a list of activities that are a combination of 15 of the following: project skill activities, 4-H events attended, and honors/recognition. Definitions for these three categories are found in the Record Book Manual under the section describing the Personal Development Report (PDR). Completing a PDR is not an application requirement for 4-H All Star/County Ambassador.


Please complete at least a paragraph about the following topics. This should be completed either typed or handwritten. Please upload your essay questions at the end of the survey.

#1 – What are you going to bring to the All Star/County Ambassador program?

#2 – What do you expect the All Star/County Ambassador program to do for you?

Applicant information

Item 1. Three letters of recommendation are required. Please give the people you chose for letters of recommendation this link to submit the letter online.

Reference 1: 4-H Adult Volunteer not related to applicant
Reference 2: An unrelated adult from outside of the 4-H Program (examples: coach, teacher, pastor)
Reference 3: A peer of the applicant 18 years old or younger

Item 2-5: Please upload the following:

  • your answers to the 2 Essay questions (the two essays may be on one document for uploading)
  • Autobiographical (or My 4-H) Story
  • Resume
  • Record Book "Star Rank" page OR Alternate Documents.