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2021-22 Solano County 4-H Scholarship Financial Request, 2020-21


This scholarship financial request must be used to request funds for 4-H conferences and camp.  Scholarship requests will not be accepted for reimbursement after an event.  Scholarships checks are awarded post conference, on a reimbursement basis, unless the member expresses a financial hardship.

Dependent upon Solano County 4-H Leaders Council budget, financial scholarships will be granted as follows: 

  • 1st time request for support - ½ of the early registration fees
  • 2nd time request for support - ¼ of the early registration fees
  • 3rd time request for support - 1/8 of the early registration fees

 Application deadlines for this program year are listed below.

  • The Volunteer Retreat, Adult & Youth aged 15-19 years; 1st Wednesday in October
  • Citizenship Washington Focus, at least 15 yrs of age by time of travel -19 years; 1st Wednesday in December
  • Leadership Washington Focus, 12-14 years; 1st Wednesday in December
  • All Area Youth Summits, 11-19 years; 1st Wednesday in December
  • Western Region Leaders' Forum, Adult Volunteers - 1st Wednesday in February
  • California Focus, 14-19 years; 1st Wednesday in April
  • Sacramento 4-H Resident Camp, 9-19 years - 1st Wednesday in April
  • State Leadership Conference, 13-19 years; 1st Wednesday in June
Only members & adult volunteers in good standing, who are enrolled in 4honline, and are confirmed at the club level, with program fees submitted to county, would be considered for scholarships.

In return for the scholarship funds, members must sign an agreement to plan and carry out a special activity for their club, community or county that relates to the conference or camp they attended with the scholarship funds.

Additionally, many Solano County 4-H Clubs budget to support their club members' participation in 4-H conferences and camp.  Inquires for club scholarship support should be addressed to the 4-H club community leader and club president.
This application request will need to be completed for each conference or camp you are requesting funds support.

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