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HHF Bribing with Food


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Alex, age four, is excited to be going to the store with his dad. Whenever they visit, he gets a lollipop if he is quiet the entire trip. But this time, his dad forgot to bring a lollipop, so why he thinks, should he be good?

Emma, age ten, is told that if she eats her green beans, she can have ice cream after dinner. She was going to eat them anyway, but now she wonders why they are so bad that she must be told she has to eat them, and before getting dessert. Maybe they are not so great after all.

Marcus, age 8, wants some chips. It is 5:00, so his mom says no. He is told dinner will be ready in an hour. But, he REALLY wants them! So he keeps asking, and asking, and asking. He knows if he keeps pestering his mom, she will eventually say yes. She always does. Finally after the tenth request, she screams out “fine, take some chips, but you have to get out of the kitchen and leave me alone while I cook!"