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Request or Recommend Training

FY21-22 & FY 22-23 Learning & Development Budget Call
Apply by August 12, 2021, 5:00 pm Click to apply here.
Do you have a training, workshop, or class to offer your ANR colleagues? Or do you know someone who does?
Each year ANR Learning & Development (L&D) funds trainings, workshops, classes, and online learning resources for ANR employees. This is the first year we are announcing our budget call systemwide.
Why this change?
We recognize that we have a talented and knowledgeable employee base, that many of our colleagues stepped up to facilitate and instruct internal professional development opportunities during the pandemic, and we want to play our part in building ANR to be a more inclusive, transparent, and collaborative organization.
The L&D Budget may be able to support your training offering if it meets the following eligibility criteria:
Serves the general ANR audience - cross-functional, not just for one unit.
Will be conducted within the fiscal year -
Starting July 1, 2021 and completed by June 30, 2022
Starting July 1, 2022 and completed by June 30, 2023
Falls under one of four strategic learning themes - Building Support; Extension Delivery; Office, Team, and Personal Management; Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (Click for more information)
Examples of training events and resources L&D has supported
Internal events
·    How to Conduct a Needs Assessment
·    Grant Essentials Summit
·    Crucial Conversations
·    Evaluation Data Analysis
·    Collaborative Facilitation
·    Orientations (Programmatic and Administrative)
·    Understanding Unconscious Bias: Awareness, knowledge and competency development
UCwide events
·    Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP)
·    UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development (UCWI)
·    UC People Management Conference (PMC)
Vendor resource subscriptions such as
·    LinkedIn Learning
·    CITI (Research Compliance and Standards)
·    Gartner Leadership Council
To be considered for Learning & Development funds apply by August 15, 2021, 5:00 pm Click to apply here.
Application review process
Applications will be reviewed by the ANR Learning & Development Advisory Committee and Work Group. Due to limited funds, not all requests will be filled, and some may be filled at an amount lower than requested. FY21-22 decisions will be sent in approximately September 2021. FY22-23 decisions will be sent know likely in the summer of 2022.