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ASI Student Representative Application


The Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) is seeking a total of four student representatives, two graduate and two undergraduate. Two students, one graduate and one undergraduate, will be appointed to serve on each group: the Internal Steering Committee and the External Advisory Board.


The External Advisory Board, comprised of sustainable agriculture leaders from diverse sectors, usually meets once a year. The next all-day external advisory board meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 2019. Any student interested in taking this position must be able to attend this meeting, but may be excused to attend class.


The Internal Steering Committee is comprised of key ASI leaders and affiliates and focuses on guiding the operation and management of ASI and its affiliated units, and facilitating communication, collaboration, and coordination among ASI units and affiliates. The two-hour ISC meetings are generally held every six to eight weeks.


All student representatives are welcomed to participate in ASI's Social Equity Committee, which meets monthly.

Thank you for your interest in ASI's Student Representative positions. To finalize your application, please hit the submit button below.